Combination Motion Sensor/Light Switch

I’ve done a lot of digging around and it seems like there isn’t any device around like this yet. I understand it may be an issue with real-estate in a single-gang box as well. With Z-Wave+ does anybody know of plans for any company to release such a device? Even a two-gang device with capabilities to control 2 loads would be very useful in bathroom applications where many times there is a fan and light switch; add a humidity sensor and you are golden.

I think something like this would be ideal for many situations. I always like having the option of a backup incase of network problems, or motion sensing issues, and while separate devices can work like this, I like the idea of reducing device clutter and minimizing points of failure. I hope somebody has some insight into this!

GE announced one for z-wave (they tend to then release for zigbee and then bluetooth) at CES in January 2016.

Still no sight of it. Soon?

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I tweeted at them and they said Q4 of this year for release on this product. Was really hoping it would be sooner than that!

Thanks for looking into that! I agree — wish it was sooner.

I thought I saw another company that was supposed to be releasing a device maybe was levitron That was supposed to accomplish this but I can’t find a any thing either

Just bought a Smartthings hub and this is the #1 switch type I want to install in several locations. Anyone know of any lightswitch with motion?

GE has announced one, but it’s not out yet. There aren’t any others on the market yet.

That said, most people don’t need them because with SmartThings you can take a sensor and place it anywhere and have it trigger any of your controlled light switches. This actually gives you a lot more choice in placement than one that is built into the light switch. You can also take multiple sensors and create a zone so that motion on any of the sensors controls the same light. This is particularly helpful for large rooms or L shaped rooms.

If you really want to have a switch with the sensor built into it, you’ll have to wait for the GE one to come to market, which will probably be a few months.

If you’re willing to use a separate sensor and a switch, you have a lot of choices right now.

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Like @BJones, I want this type of sensor. I would like to use them as smart occupancy sensors, of course, but in combination with other sensors in the zone. I would also like to use them as zone threshold sensors. Since most of my small room applications usually have an open (contact non-friendly) entryway with immediately accessible light switches, a combo switch+motion would be the optimal solution.

Throw in temp reporting and “Boom!”, I’m set with a single device installation and no batteries to worry about!

You could mount a separate motion sensor on the ceiling in that kind of set up. Just another possibility. :sunglasses::bulb:

Oh yeah, I have separate ones setup now. I’ve installed in creative ways that limit the field of view to be specific to the entryway. :slight_smile:

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Any motion sensor/light switch out there yet? Please share if you have any info.

Jasco is releasing one soon under the GE brand. It has a model number, 26931, and has been Z wave certified, but hasn’t yet been released to the market. At CES 2017 in January, Jasco said it should be out in the first half of this year.

I see this item listed by Jasco and a couple of retailers, but as of yet still none available for purchase. Anyone heard anything new on these?

They’ve been available on and off from multiple retailers this summer. I believe you can still buy them from the Jasco site, although shop around as they may be less expensive elsewhere:

A number of community members have them. See the following thread:

And I see Amazon has them in stock today. :sunglasses:

Dimmer model

On/off Switch model

Thanks for the update. I’m not sure how I missed them searching this morning (I started with Amazon). Appreciate the thorough response!

I would add though that early community reviews on these devices are not good. They appear to have a lot of engineering issues:

You might want to wait six months and see if they work out the kinks.

Agreed, several people have had issues with the switches. However, the dimmers are solid.

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