ColorPicker for a SmartApp

Is there any way to create a color picker like the one in the color bulb device handler for an input in a SmartApp? Having to take Hue and Saturation from the user as integers is pretty awful, it gives them no feedback what the color they picked is. It doesn’t even correspond to the usual 0-360 degree range for hue.

On the same note, how about a slider for a numeric input, similar to the slider for level in a basic dimmer device handler?

The documentation for SmartApps is completely mum about anything except the most basic of inputs, such as text, enum, numeric, etc. No fancy gadgets to help a user dial in a preference.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi Will - just saw this - I am tagging some of the heavy lifters/ coders who have (I think) worked a bit with color
@ady624 @MichaelS

They may be able to offer up some guidance.

Thank you all!

I am not aware of any such thing. I myself have declared an array of colors and allow the user to use a color name…

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Yeah, that’s certainly an option but I’d rather let a user pick burnt orange instead of just orange if they so choose, so I’ll just take the integer and run with it. SmartThings users by definition have to be at least somewhat smart so it’ll just have to be that way.

Is there a good place for feature requests? I don’t see a forum for it, but this would be a fantastic feature.

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LOL! 70% of the Forum is feature requests. Take a number! :100:

More seriously:

  • We have already seen demos, and we know it exists inside SmartTiles the feature called “HTML Tiles”. This will allow developers to code in HTML5 with a controlled JavaScript library.

  • With that, developers will be able to write much richer interfaces, including nice color pickers, etc.

  • Secret: I’m pretty sure (from the looks of it), that the next version of CoRE is using HTML Tiles. Correction: Nope… Not released to Community Developers yet!

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Not using html tiles, I straight up moved out of ST with an external URL href :wink:

But it could possibly be done via an external html page and an endpoint mapping for passing the selected color back?

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