Color bulb

Hello I got some color lights from merkury witch uses geeni app for control, they r cheap and reliable but so far can’t get it to work with smartthings hub. They connect just like the tp link light and for the tp lights there is a code to integrate, was wondering if there is one code for geeni app integration as well or if could modify the tp link to work with merkury products. Thanks a bunch.

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Existing code for the Merkury. I do not know.

Modifying the TP-Link Integration. Would probably not work well. The main reason is that whoever does such an integration must know the exact command and response Application Program Interfaces (APIs) for the Geeni Cloud and each controlled Merkury device. These are probably very different than the TP-Link devices. If you can get the APIs, then it may be possible.

The geeni devices use the tuya Api I believe. I found this post buried in another thread. Someone started in on integration based off of Dave’s tplink stuff. I have o e of these plugs my kid gave me for Christmas. Lol I refuse to use ifttt though. Gonna start looking at this soon

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Thank you for the reply

Thanks, I am going to try this and see if I can get somewhere with it. Finger crossed!

One question, this is the diveces handler, is there a smartapp or could u pls give me some instructions on how to use it? Sorry I am new to this and maybe sound stupid…

Take a look at the tplink integration thread. You will need to setup the node.js server and then install the device handler. No smartapp.

Thanks but that was a little off my league… I don’t know that much yet.

I’ve actually spent a bit of time with this. I changed quite a bit of code. But I now have local control over my device.

Really! Could u share it?

I will share. However I should have mentioned it is running on hubitat. With minor changes it should work on smart things.

You should start with getting your device info as outlined in the tuya api docs. I had a rooted android device so getting the info was easy. The process won’t be so simple for everyone.

And currently only works with switches actually. Other devices work I think. But modifications would have to be made.

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Well thanks for the effort, I will try to get it working for me because their stuff is coming with a really good price. Thanks once again.

Hello, sorry to bother you but have u posted the code yet? Thank you!

Yes is posted on the hubitat forum.

When I have some time I’ll get it to work on smart things as well. It shouldn’t be too hard if you want to try.

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Thank you very much for your efforts but I will have to wait until the smartthings version, my knowledge is very limited lol.

I too would love a smartthings version if anyone has knowledge of how to make this happen.

Thanks for the replies in this thread. I have got similar lights, and I think that I will install them around the house to light it up a little at night.