@Cobra Power speak app

Hi Andy, thought it would be better if the power speak app was discussed in its own section rather than pollute @SergL post

original app created by @Cobra for power detection

Thanks for dropping in by the way, if you can help with this alteration it would be greatly appreciated, my issue with the current complusory option of speaker and volume is i have items that trigger at night, if i set volume to 1, the sonos stays at 1, when a sonos alarm is triigered from within sonos or i play music the same, no audio until i remember to go into sonos and turn volume up, sometimes a right pain, there are other times when power speak fires and it kills current audio as i have speakers grouped, if you could omit or somehow make the speech part optional if easier for you, that would be excellent

Power speak ( if you remember) plays a major part in a lot of my automations, especially when using dumb devices and turning them smart
Dumb movement sensor
Dumb lux sensor
Dumb anything

also, congrats on becoming a member of staff :slight_smile: … over there ------->
i do pop my head in now and again but for me and my situation ST with all its issues still suits, the lack of a mobile app is also something that holds me back… yes i appreciate you can create your own but its not something i have the time to play with… ready built is good enough for me at the mo

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It’s been over a year since I coded for ST and unfortunately I don’t have the facility to test anything now, but…
Try this:

new powerspeak.groovy

Speakers are now optional and you won’t get options to enter message etc unless you select a speaker.
I would install as a new app rather than overwrite existing app code.

Please let me know how you get on
If it doesn’t work correctly, please enable the logging and screenshot any errors


Thanks Andy, i will, very much appreciate your work

No issues found Andy, all working well

It does seem that the guys in Smartthings automations either looked at your app or created similar options based on user requests now in the new Smartthings app, i have not used the new power options but found them by poking around today

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