Lighting based on power usage?

Looking for simple light on automation based on power usage preferably in a smartapp application. Not having any luck so far. What is everyone else using?

EDIT: For now have made a simple piston in webcore but still open to more elegant solution in smartapps if it exists.

webCoRE is a great tool for most automations.

What HEM are you using to monitor energy?

What is your “If” argument?

using zooz v2 power strip to report and the “if” would be wattage useage over 15W. Got it working in webcore but initially was looking for a smartapp to do it.

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For anyone who cares this is what I came up with. Still tinkering with it a bit to suit my specific needs.

Do a search for @Cobra, he has writen a simple power app which i have used, the one downside i have found it also allows speech from a speaker, be great if Cobra or someone else could omit the speech element

Sorry, not been on this forum for almost a year as I no longer use ST but found an email from the forum :slight_smile:

Easy, which app are you talking about Mike?

Andy… yayy

Power speak Andy, is there a way to make, speaker, voice and volume not compulsory in the app, optional yes, would be greatly appreciated

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Going to have to check that out as well for at the very least maybe I’ll learn something! Following other conversation!