CO2/Smoke detectors & sirens

The CO2/smoke detectors app allows for notifications & lights, etc but doesn’t support sirens? Wouldn’t it make sense to add sirens since if it goes off at night you want noise & not just lights?

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Your sirens will appear under lights and it will work… Under damage and danger… Go figure.,

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I saw that, but will the siren fire off or will it just do the strobe part?

Why don’t you be our guinea pig @davglass :smile:

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I was planning on testing them today :smile:

I think they sell a “tester” smoke can at places like Home Depot designed to test these detectors without actually starting a fire :smiley:

I usually test my detectors and lights by pressing the test button. Just a pain with a ladder for sure.

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I want to test the system & not just pushing the test button. I haven’t tried, but not sure if just pressing test will fire the event that there is smoke detected & ST will react.

Well that works too. Pressing the test button triggers an ST alert & it did run through the automation.

Yes all SmartThings automations should treat alarm tests the same as the real alarm, for this purpose. If anyone finds one that doesn’t, please let us know.

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Recently during an inspection of a renovation, the inspector pressed the test button on a connected smoke detector and it did not trigger the other connected detectors in the home nor did it run through the automations I have setup in the Smart Home Monitoring SmartApp.

I believe that the functionality is broken at the moment.

The alarms are not interconnected – they don’t support all the other ones going off when one does.

As for the automations not going off, please report that to with details so someone can look into what is wrong there.

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