CNET Article - Bad Press For SmartThings

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I was /. once. For this piece. It was an excellent test of server support.

I still think IoT is a bit niche still. Even with Intel’s decision yesterday, I still don’t see that the geek community has completely embraced IoT yet.

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There’s absolutely no question about that…

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I thought good journalism retired with Cronkite.

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@Shelley_Powers, that’s some fine writing!

“And PHP answered:
All I ever do, day in and day out, is work and work and work. The only time I’m noticed is when I break, and then I’m cursed and kicked, and roundly blasted for being useless. However, when things go well, I never get a kind word.

A familiar lament to many of us.
[My current language, Lua, wasn’t even mentioned back in 2002, hehe!]

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FYI…did you see this response from support?

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Yep, looks like some people on the support staff haven’t gotten the memo. Though I don’t think you can point to this and say that SmartThings is officially blaming rule machine, just that they have poor internal communication about the problems and solutions…

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When a consumer makes contact with a company, the person answering the contact is the official face of the company and what they say to the consumer is official.

So, until @alex or @Ben publicly addresses this exact response and either explains why their employee is stating this, or released an officials statement stating the opposite, than this is the official statement of the company.


The following statement seems very clear:

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They keep coming. Wonder who will be next. Or IF there will be a next.

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The Business Insider article is a sham (click-bait). It just quotes a few things from the original CNET and the remaining 2/3rds is an ad for their IoT Paper (via subscription or purchase).

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If anything, these so-called “articles” have shown how little in-depth coverage IoT is actually getting.

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Totally agree. I was just about to post that.

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Doesn’t that logic make Googles whole business model “click-bait”

Another article you don’t like. That’s a shock :slight_smile:

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Don’t shoot the messenger.


Here’s some good news. Robert Parker, Amazon’s Director of Engineering, has joined Samsung’s SmartThings smart home team as Senior Vice President of Engineering.

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Yeah baby, he has the right idea! “Having something that really works is critical,” Parker told The Verge. Nice catch @alex

CNET Article - SmartThings snatches Amazon's director of engineering
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Great news


Amazon hire discussion thread:

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Good. Maybe he can fix this little device limit problem.

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That and this little SmartThings problem. Please!