Cloud Face Identification work with SmartThings. why not?

  1. Get picture from camera when motion detect.
  2. Send this pic to Cloud Face to processing ““Who is this?””
  3. Cloud Face return value to SmartThings (control device by SmartApp)

You can see this Cloud API

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It would be a fun project (and I know of various proofs-of-concepts that have been done, though not specifically integrated).

I doubt the effort is worthwhile though.

  • This type of face recognition is easily fooled by a two-dimension photograph.
  • The delay (and false negatives due to lighting or whatever) is much less convenient than using identification based on a presence sensor, phone, and/or PIN entry

-Security is a difficult problem.
-However, identifying to control your favorite TV channel or room temperature is possible.
-Level: Home Automation->Smart Home -> Intelligent Home (AI Home) [House in the future] :heart_eyes:

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