Cloud-connected button pressed more than once but not triggering button-press events in logs or triggering scenes

Hi all, looking for help here!

I set up my button through eWeLink Cloud connected and configured some simple scenes for pressed/double pressed/held.

When I pressed the button 3 times individually, the button’s state will change from “standby” to “pressed” 3 times. But just show “pressed” 1 time in the history log and trigger the scene only 1 time.

This situation will only be changed when I use a different button press way like “double press/Held”.

It seems like I cannot press the button in same way more than once. For example, when the first time I “double press” and the second time I have to “press” or “hold” the button, then it will work as expected.

Does anyone have any advice for this issue?

Thanks in advance folks!

With hub connected devices I’d suggest that is a symptom of the state change flag not being set on the events. The SmartThings platform defaults to filtering out events where the state hasn’t changed but this doesn’t seem to affect the UI in the app. For devices like buttons a flag has to be set to say that all events should be treated as state changes (bear in mind ‘standby’ is an invention of the app, it isn’t an actual attribute value). I’d assume the cloud connected devices must have a similar mechanism available.

I have to defer to those with experience of the particular integration though. I wouldn’t know if this is something that has never worked or a new glitch.

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Thank you very much and I agree with your point!
The explanation is convincing that SmartThings defaults to filtering out events where the state hasn’t changed. I think this logic is unreasonable for button device and may take confusing experience to users. Hope they could realize and improve this problem ASAP. :melting_face: