CLI: No Z-Wave Network ID for Some Devices?

For a few of my Z-Wave Plus switches, when viewing device info in the CLI, I am not getting a Network ID. Any idea why?

Attached is a screenshot of one of many that do not have a Network ID entry:


Attached is another that does:


Hi, @Skates

The first device is Groovy-based, that’s why its type is “DTH”, that device type doesn’t support those properties.
The second one uses a driver, which has those properties as part of its metadata, that’s why the actual device type (Z-Wave) is specified in “type”.

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By the way, that info from this device type can be seen in the IDE.

Edge-based devices aren’t supported there.

IDE is where I used to get my info, but logging in today my IDE is blank:

Any other options?

go to “My Locations” in IDE and tap on the name of your location… then check to see if your devices appear :slight_smile:


That worked! Thank you!