Chromecast Audio Potential

This would be awesome.

unfortunately no luck, only got the 5$ or 15$ off promotions, have 8 total now will hopefully be uploading some pictures ect on my hole house audio/echo integration soon, building amplifier rack case rite


What exactly are you planning there?

Can you detail out what you are going to build out?

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Are you able to send notifications to the chromecasts from your smart things hub?

I had such high hopes for these, but after 4 months of fighting with Google to even get 1 to stream music reliably without freezing up or losing connection with the parent device I concede defeat.
WAF drops drastically when she has to repeat a command to Alexa. With as unreliable as the Chromecast Audio have been even streaming Google play music there’s no longer any interest in implementing it into HA at all.

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Thanks for your input. Yeah, the last thing we need right now is throwing more intermittent reliability into the HA world.

BUT there’s an alternative project under way for people who still want to chew on cheap audio notifications; the project is called VLC Thing. Enjoy!

I just found this!

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My notifications from say doorbell or motion detector will come from that adurino with mp3 shield which will switch from the chromecast via the relays to the mp3 shield. I also went to try to tie the echo in with a high level to line level converter and try to splice in a whole bunch of microphones. But kind of discouraged that Amazon just released info that they’re coming out with a cheaper echo, might see where they’re going with that before I pursue any more on this project.

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@RL i haven’t noticed to many issues with mine but they do support the wired network adaptor, and I will be getting some usb lan cards from ebay that might work with an otg cable 3$ ea , i will let you know when they come in, beats 15$ for the google ones,

Guys be patient, the chromecast audio its still a baby product and at least it does a great job doing what it was made for (at least in my case) i have never had troubles with audio, i belive google will open up the chromecast audio sometime :wink:

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I have one of the original Chromecast doggles and .a Nexus box both are rock solid . I preordered one of the new audio doggles just because of the promised ( implied ) possible integration with ST.

It’s been nothing but a headache it’ll work for 10-15 minutes tops then lose sync with the control device and have to be power cycled or at times a full hard reset before I can regain control of it.

The most common solution from Google is to make sure to only use the factory speaker cable and make sure that the doggle and the control device are both within 5-10 feet of the router.

I’m not sure just how you can have multi room sync if you have to keep all the speakers on your desk :confused:

I was really tempted to jump in on the 2/$55 deal with $20 in Play credits and just toss them in a drawer and hope for the best. I still might do just that. No way I would actually integrate then into ST yet though not until they do some serious bug killing.

They could start an entire new forum just for all of the complaints about new doggles connection issues.

I dont think you get the 20$ google credit with the audios? I know I didnt , can any one confirm this?

This looks fantastic. Can’t wait to see your progress


I can verfiy that I got the $20 credit when I bought my CC audio. Checking the Google store just now, I don’t see the offer any longer. AMAF CC audio is back up to the $35 each regardless of quantity too.

Just want to say, Have 3 Chromecast Audios , all connected via 5GHZ to a Asus RT-AC3200 router… NO issues with multi-room audio, works great using Google Music All Access…

Would love to have some sort of integration with ST, for notifications, responses, etc…

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These 2$ usb lan cards work great waiting on 15 more to come in, I’m only using wired stuff because it’s all gona be jammed into a metal server rack. also wired a couple these microphones together to toss into a box with the echo with a speaker ( cheap muti room echo )

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That looks like a 32 port network switch? What are you calling a USB LAN Card?

Yep that’s a 24 port switch and it the usb lan card is the white thing with the usb port on it. Have to use and otg cable with it.

Sorry to bring this up, but is there any official ST movement on this? I see from the thread that some have been placed in LAB for testing? Hows that coming? @Tyler

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Chromecast audio is great…until someone in the family gets an iphone or want to watch a video with the speakers, then things get difficul, but not more than with sonos i belive

Just bought 5 of these and love them. Would like to see if you have an update on this? Very interested!

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