Alexa Notify with Sound?

Does anyone have the code to execute the same functionality as “Sonos Notify with Sound” but through the Amazon Echo?

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Amazon Echo currently does not support playback control or TTS. May be it will be a feature added in the future.

Can’t be done because Amazon does not provide this functionality yet. (Capability text to speech) a lot of people would like to see it, but you have to start by asking Amazon to make it available.

There are some workarounds that involve playing a Custom “song”, but it doesn’t work the way the Sonos does and you still have to give a verbal command to the echo to turn it temporarily into a Bluetooth speaker and while it’s a speaker It can’t do anything else.

So start by going to the Amazon feedback (you can do this through the Alexa app) and encouraging them to provide it.

I like the amazon echo’s “Simon Says” functionality and it got me wondering if this functionality could be used in conjunction with my smartthings setup. What I would like to be able to do is setup the amazon echo to announce a warning message if the back or front door of my house opens when my home security system (controlled by smartthings) is set to armed mode. For instance I would like it to say “Warning the alarm will sound in 30 seconds if security code is not entered”. I know that the amazon echo can trigger things to happen with smartthings… but my question is can smartthings trigger the amazon echo to do things like say a specific phrase?

There’s a round about way to use the bluetooth speaker capability of echo to playback messages when needed.

Hi everyone, for a long time now I’ve been having major issues with the ST-Sonos integration. Basically, it does not work! That said, I wonder if there’s a way to substitute the Echo for the Sonos for things like “Say the weather when [user specified trigger, like motion] happens”, or “Say [user specified phrase] when [user specified trigger] happens”, etc. I’ve asked ST support and they basically just said that Echo isn’t treated as a speaker in ST so it can’t do that, but I would reeeeally like that functionality considering Sonos just doesn’t work in that regard.

Update: nevermind, just went through the rest of this thread. I submitted a feature request through the Alexa app. Hopefully they’ll listen to us!

Due to some Echo updates, this can now be done.

While it’s neither simple or easy, and does require an additional android device, there is now a way to have echo do voice notifications. See the following:

Can you provide some further details on how to do this? I had seen a previous post on this subject, and they talked about using “LANnouncer” from the Play Store, but after installing it, I then didnt know what to do. Any further help on this would be greatly appreciated.

The thread I mentioned in my previous post is a clickable link. Ask in that thread and people there will be able to help you. :sunglasses:

For LANnouncer questions specifically, you can also talk to the author in the following thread (this is a clickable link)

Hey Kevin, if you go to the website ( ), all will be revealed. If you have questions after reading through it, please post them in the threads JD pointed at and I or one of the helpful members here will address them, and I’ll improve that documentation. (I wrote LANNouncer.)


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