Chromecast Audio Potential

I’ve had some initial success using the Chromecast Audios to play voice prompts etc.

I’m using Bubble UPnp server on a mac mini and Generic DLNA Player to Smartthings v 2.0.1

Bubble UPnP allows you to select Chomecast audios (and groups) and make them DNLA Renderers, theres a few seconds lag as it initiates the connection, but sounds fine.

I’ve been able to use the Sonos smart apps to read the weather and some custom voice prompts.


Adam, good job for letting us know!

I recently bought a few Chromecast Audios which i wired to some surroundset speakers all over the house, powered by a cheap amplefier, and they worked with Spotify. But now they also work with smartthings!

I have a nexus 7 in my livingroom on the wall which controles the house etc. There i installed the server version of BubbleUpnp, made my chromecast’s DLNA and it works. I don´t even need a computer for having the server active, as i already have the tablet :slight_smile:

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Excellent. Also have a Mac mini sat there so now I have a weekend project. Cheers guys!

Any news about official integration Google Chromecast Audio with SmartThings?

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Do you have the original Nexus7 (2012) or the later 2013 model? I have the original and really wonder if it could keep up. It’s really slow these days.

I have the Nexus 7 2013 version, which is working fine.

What amplifier are you using? Can you post the link so I can buy?

i am using this one:

Works great :slight_smile:

Hello, I’m not having much luck with this solution (and it would be so cool if it worked!):

  • I am running BubbleUPnP with 5 Chromecast devices.
  • Next to each I have checked “Create a DLNA renderer”.
  • Unfortunately MediaRenderer(Connect) only finds one of the devices Kitchen.
  • When I create a rule using the device it shows a different device Backyard. When I send TTS, the audio actually comes out of the Backyard Chromecast Audio device.
    Has anyone else had luck with Generic DLNA Player to Smartthings v 2.0.1?

I second this! Any news? @slagle @Aaron


I cant imagine this will be a priority for Google given the pending Google Home product launch in October. My guess would be that Google Home will have the ability to fully control chrome cast audio’s and we just have to pray they decide to open something up for SmartThings to hook into (which given Nest doesnt officially integrate) is questionable in my mind.

I really hope Google can bring these in cheaper than the Echo - which if you think about it - given the Echo has a big old speaker in it for music - Google could just undercut and say if you want audio - use the CC audio’s and get higher quality sound through your normal set ups. If they dont support SmartThings but do support a competitors hub to control Zigbee / Zwave it would certainly sway me to switch as CC audio’s are a great product and more versatile than Sonos imo. Having integration for these is high up on my list of wants.

Any updates at all @slagle @Aaron ? Even we have no more updates - is a valid update so we at least know nothing has progressed.


Nothing new to share.

It’s because he is using just the IP as the unique ID, and all of your bubble pnp dlna speakers come from the same IP. He has fixed this in the beta version that’s in the same repository. It would be so great if they could just add support to smartthings for Chromecast like they have for sonos and Samsung.

Hey Tyler , did that chromecast integration ever happen

For me it is still not working, after it did work for a time. Bubble UPNP server isn’t making them DLNA for some reason, while they have been checked to do so in the app.

The chromecast audio’s work great with google home -> voice control is also easy. But it would be awesome to use the chromecast audio’s as notifier for smartthings.

Is this only an Android app, or is there something available for other platforms?

I’m really hoping for the ability to play some music as part of a morning routine.

The bulk of my speakers are Raumfelds and they can be called upon via simple http commands. But that isn’t as clean as using ChromeCast, which they also support and I prefer using.

@Andrew_Wrzesinski putting Alexa dot in the ceiling. Thanks for the idea. I love it. But one thing I noticed and had to fix was the sound was horrendous. I didn’t notice that there are holes at the bottom of the dot Where sound comes out. So most of the sound ended up coming out the bedroom upstairs. I put tape on the top of the drain and added insulation above. Much better now. in the future I plan on putting ceiling speakers on either side

Yea I have mine hooked up to a amp and a different speaker in the ceiling

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For anyone following this thread: [RELEASE] cast-web 0.1 - Chromecast Device Handler & SmartApps

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