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Chromecast Audio Potential

(Robert Gagliardo) #123

I’m really hoping for the ability to play some music as part of a morning routine.

The bulk of my speakers are Raumfelds and they can be called upon via simple http commands. But that isn’t as clean as using ChromeCast, which they also support and I prefer using.

(Chris Fichter) #124

@Andrew_Wrzesinski putting Alexa dot in the ceiling. Thanks for the idea. I love it. But one thing I noticed and had to fix was the sound was horrendous. I didn’t notice that there are holes at the bottom of the dot Where sound comes out. So most of the sound ended up coming out the bedroom upstairs. I put tape on the top of the drain and added insulation above. Much better now. in the future I plan on putting ceiling speakers on either side

(Andrew Wrzesinski) #125

Yea I have mine hooked up to a amp and a different speaker in the ceiling

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(Chandler Newby) #126

For anyone following this thread: [RELEASE] cast-web 0.1 - Chromecast Device Handler & SmartApps

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