Check your Hub V2 Batteries: might be leaking! Recommended hub batteries?

I saved my hub by removing the batteries and I then left them next to my hub… 2 weeks later I noticed that one of the batteries leaked on my furniture ruining the finish!! Sucks… I should have recycled them right away!

BTW, did anyone here receive anything from Samsung after filling out the “my batteries are dead, please give me new ones”-form in the “SmartThings Hub Firmware Update & Backup AA Batteries” email?

I am not sure if it was because I said I was living in The Netherlands, but I haven’t received a single reply since submitting that form…

My batteries came yesterday, but I live in the US

I received a coupon code via email for a free set of 4 batteries to be purchased from the ST website.

Same here! Result! Shame they don’t sell Xiaomi kit on Amazon :slight_smile: 5 quid would buy me a temp sensor!

Dang, wish I had gotten an Amazon gift code rather than some generic “$6.99” batteries.

Edit: I know Samsung has a thing with batteries, but did they really need to send my 4 AA batteries in a 6x6x6 box?

Got my replacement batteries today, thanks ST! I can also reuse their box to ship something else lol

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I really don’t see there being any solution from SmartThings that customers would be happy with. If it is determined that this is caused by a hardware issue causing excessive battery leakage beyond what would be considered normal and expected, I assume most people would expect replacement hubs

Yeah! That’d certainly help with …

but considering they have confirmed that no migration tool will be made available in the foreseeable future that would mean that everyone would have to essentially start over with their setups.

Ah crap. You’re right.

Still - it’s quite disappointing that Samsung hasn’t stepped up to the plate on this and attempted to do right by their customers. Add me onto the pile of early v2 hub owners, who just opened up the hub and found a horrible corroded mess. This was NOT the case a while ago, as I’ve had to pull all power from my hub once or twice to reset it in the last year (that included pulling the batteries).

So - who wants to be John Doe #1 in a class action lawsuit? I’m no expert, but given how long it took for this to develop, and now that so many have developed this condition suddenly … this leads me to believe that Samsung pushed down a damaging firmware update to our hardware.

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I think Smartthings pretty much admitted this already and are sending out replacement batteries to people.

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Is there a web UI or phone UI to check the battery levels of the HUB2 batteries?

My hub was plugged in but noticed the batteries were dead even though I never had an outage.

I just noticed the same thing had happened to me. Also Kirkland batteries.

I’ve just checked the new batteries I put in after the firmware update to fix the issue and was happy to see the batteries had not leaked and even happier to put the voltmeter on the batteries and find they’re still at 1.5V. Guess the firmware fix did indeed fix the problem

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I haven’t had the power go out either but I was hoping that if it did and I had a UPS on the modem/router that things would continue as normal, except Device Health would show all the light bulbs as unreachable.
But if the neighborhood has a power loss and the internet and lights all stop working, you’re right, there’s not much point in keeping the hubs all powered.

I do like smartlighting being a local process but since all the light bulbs would have no power, no point. I guess it’s only useful if the internet goes down but there’s still power

Mine is still laying upside down without the bottom cover on from when I removed the batteries last fall when this fun all started. I have no intention of putting batteries back in at this time.

Only thing I can think of is boot up time is pretty slow so having batteries in there or being on a UPS just gets you back to operational a few minutes faster after a power outage.

My hub stopped working, realizing to the fact I discovered the massive battery leak and corrosion spilled all over inside the hub. I have cleaned up the whole thing but it’s not powering up. Any thoughts

Same here, did you get any response from samsung?

File a ticket with ST support. They have replaced batteries.

Why would I want batteries? My device is not working and that is what I need fixed.

Did anybody got the device replaced?

André de Souza