CHEAP wireless switch to control smart bulb?

New to smart home (like, one week new) but having a blast learning about it. I have two bedroom closets each with a light operated by a pull chain that I want to integrate without wiring up a wall switch. I know can install a smart bulb and operate it from Alexa or my phone, but sometimes I need to be quiet (husband still asleep) and operating it through the phone is not as convenient as hitting a simple switch.

What’s a good cheap switch or remote that I can stick in the closet to turn the light on and off? Phillips Hue has a remote dimmer switch but that’s more than I need for a simple closet light that only needs to be turned on and off. What’s a solid and cheap alternative?

BTW, I do have an outlet in the closet I use more frequently, but not in the other closet. I’m open to switches than can be plugged directly into the outlet, but interested in battery-powered options, too.

Also, let me say how much I love this community forum. I’ve learned so much in just a few days!

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Aeon Minimote! Search the Web and hopefully you can still find these for under $25.

They work great.

I’ve been using the Aspire Cooper RF9500 for a while now. Need to use a custom device handler to get it to work with ST but you can put it right on the wall and it looks like a real switch. Not sure how much they’re going for these days.

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You’re going to have to be more precise about what “cheap” means. To most people in the community, the hue dimmer switch is an inexpensive device because it’s under $25.

That said, there are some other options, particularly the Xioami brand from China. They can be glitchy, hard to pair, and are not fully certified which means they might stop working in the future, but they are popular just because you can find them for under $12.

See the following FAQ. It has several dozen Button devices which can work with SmartThings, including all of the ones that have already been mentioned in this thread. Read the descriptions carefully, because some are battery operated and some are mains powered, but you should be able to find something of interest. :sunglasses:

( This is a clickable link)

Honestly for closets a “dumber” approach may be better. They make bulb with motion sensors in them. Install and leave the pull chain turned on. KISS.