Does the Cooper RF9500 switch have to connect to another switch?

I’m new to home automation and I’m actually just in the research stage right now. I’m looking for a way to control a smart bulb (think lamp without a wall switch) directly with a wireless switch/button/remote that I can stick to the wall. The Insteon Mini Remote is a perfect example of what I am looking for except I don’t want to invest in Insteon’s proprietary technology, which brings me here. From my research I’ve narrowed it down to either the Cooper RF9500 or the SmartentIT ZBWS3B. The Cooper RF9500 looks like another example of exactly what I want, but I still can’t tell if I can use it to control a bulb directly or not.

I would assume you can if you can get SmartThings to recognize it, but everything I’ve read in the forms seems to also be mentioning an in-wall switch at the same time and it’s left me a little confused. If anyone has done this or knows if you are able to I would appreciate it. I would like to know if what I want to do is possible before I start investing in everything. I currently rent so I’m looking for a relatively small/simple system for now that doesn’t require wall installation and I can pick-up and take with me whenever I decide to move.

It works without requiring another switch. You do have to have the SmartThings hub. The switch talks to the hub, the hub passes the request on to the smart bulb. :sunglasses:

Remotec also has an eight button battery operated device which is worth considering. It’s about the same size as a regular light switch. Each button can be tapped, double tapped, or held so you end up with 24 controls from the one device.

And the two smart battery cover devices can also be used standalone without being placed over an existing switch, so those are additional options.

So just comes down to what you like the looks of and how many different controls you need from the one device. :sunglasses: The Cooper is popular because it looks exactly like a regular light switch.

All of these and more are discussed in the button FAQ. (This is a clickable link)

Both of those will work how you want. With ST you may have to figure out how to install a community developed device handler to get it to communicate.

Thanks for the replies. I knew you needed the ST hub to be the middle man, just wanted to make sure it didn’t need a “master” switch to communicate with. I also like the Cooper because it looks like a normal switch but I will definitely take a look at the Remotec switch and some of the others.

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