Low cost reliable basic door sensor

I have a project that has 16 closets that they want to have lights turn on with the door being opened and off when the door is closed. For the walk in closets I can use motion but the standard ones I need something that works with SmartThings (z-wave preferred) that come in around $15 dollars per closet. The house is 4,500 sq. feet with Zwave swtiches that are repeaters that is why I prefer z-wave.

Any recommendations? Thanks in advance.


Zigbee, right at $15, go on sale from time to time at $10.

Solid performance

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Ali Express has Xiaomi door sensors for about $10 or less. They’re a mild pain to install (~2 minutes after the first one or two*). I haven’t had enough experience with Xiaomi to say whether they’re reliable. I’ve got a couple Magic Cubes that need to be manually reconnected every few weeks. And I’ve got a couple of motion sensors that have stayed on the network for months (but I never actually checked their state… They may have dropped off and reconnected).

They are ZigBee, and being battery powered, do not act as repeaters.

Just FYI, Xiaomi has Magic Cubes, water sensors and motion sensors, all in the same price range. They’re also listed under “Mi” and/or “Aqara”.

* Searching forums for “Xiaomi” provides instructions.

I have 18 Xiaomi Aqara sensors that I bought for less than $7 each. All of them are working well. Did not have any issues pairing. The price has gone up a little.

The only issue is it takes 30 days to get them as they all come from China.

Thanks everyone…I may order a couple of the visonic and test at locations furthest from the hub to make sure they don’t drop off the network. The great thing is that the Zigbee network channel has no conflicts with Wifi at this location.

Visonic or Iris are both trouble free.