Cheap(ish) Batteries - And a real question


I am finding it difficult to find non energizer batteries in the usual UK stores (ASDA, Tesco etc.) Halfords have their own brand but they suffer from the same Energizer problem of a short lip. Does anyone know of any physical place I can bulk buy Duracell or Panasonic CR2450’s?

Whilst searching I found these on Amazon at a great price!



You can request a quote from Arrow Electronics.
Or buy these.

I bought these on Amazon only last weekend out of curiosity as I have plenty of devices that use them and the cold snap does seem to be doing them in a bit faster than usual.
They physically fit perfectly, as to life span then it’s of course early days but nothing to concern me yet.

LAPROBING 3V Lithium Button Cell Batteries CR2450, 20 Pcs for Votive Candles,Tea Light Candles,Watch,Computer,Calculator,IC Cards,Electric Products

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Dont know how many is bulk buy but these were the best value pairs I could find… And they work well in my experience.

Excellent guys. Batteries are a ballache for me now as I have three motion sensors that last about a week to ten days on fresh batteries although I have been told that the device handler may be dodgy. Ill order a load of those from eBay.

Thanks everyone, I will buy a few from each of these sources and test them out. Much appreciated

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Look forward to hearing about how they compare! Please do post back if you can

I’ve been using the Eunicell ones for a while now; in a motion sensor. The readings for the battery level are all over the place: it stated 1% left for about a month but still worked and today it states 33% and works. I guess the battery will be flat when it stops triggering! I can put-up with this as it’s in a non-critical location and the Eunicell batteries are so much cheaper.

These prices are caused by lazy programming of pricing bot algorithms. E.g. Seller A wants its price to be 1p higher than seller B. Seller B wants its price to be 0.1% higher than Seller A. The result: the bots get caught in a feedback loop of ever increasing prices.

I have learned a valuable lesson, stick to Panasonic for my CR batteries. I have used Duracell, Sony, and some no name brands, and the Panasonic are most reliable.

Ive never had a problem with my Eunicel ones, they are showing between 78-80% after 3 months - which is about what I would expect. But perhaps it is based on where you buy them.

Good point as there are plenty of counterfeit batteries out there.

Wondering if any one has any better options

My house now uses CR1632, CR2032, CR2450, CR2477, CR123a, CR2 & AA

CR2 -

CR123a -

CR2477 -

CR2450 -

CR2032 -

AA -

I’ve converted all mine to be wired dc. Never looked back.

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Old post but… I ended up soldering in 3v power adapters, eliminating batteries. So far so good!

Yep. same here. Using a 3AA battery holder to feed the motion sensor and 100% after 4 weeks . Had serious problems with batterys of all kinds . Would drop to 1% after two weeks of use, but last for a couple of months after that.

Same here! I’ve only wired a few devices so far with 3v power supplies, and the battery % stays at 100%. Gotta love that.

ditto =)

most of my door and window sensors are wired