Best and hopefully cheapest Battery Replacement for Things

So all of my things so far take AA’s or CR2450’s. I use Eneloop’s for the AA devices (Locks, a few Insteon devices) and have not had to replace the CR’s yet. Anyone have good luck with some of the cheaper multi packs on Amazon? Such as:

Or even the more name brand reasonably priced ones:

I know someone on here (bravenel maybe?) was using in wall micro controllers to power some stuff, but the cost of those makes for many years of battery replacements when I have no actual need for the micro controllers.

I searched and didn’t find a thread on battery selection so please excuse me if this is mentioned elsewhere and I failed to find it!

Def order them on Amazon. I usually look for a listing that says the expiration date or look in reviews that state the expiration date. If you have Prime, you should not have too many problems returning if they are expired.

Cheap no name batteries are often problematic because they can vary greatly in quality. So they might do really well in one set of tests and then do poorly with the next batch.

Pretty much everybody who does a test finds that the Energizer lithium batteries have the highest power output and last the longest. But they are expensive.

I mostly buy the Kirkland brand at Costco. They come up as a top 10 battery in pretty much everybody’s tests for every use case. Low power drain, high-power drain, length of life, etc. And the price is excellent.

The top Duracell alkaline brand is almost as good as a lithium and costs about half as much. So it’s also worth considering.

I’ve tried Amazon basics several times and I found the quality to be very inconsistent. So I’m guessing they use a lot of different manufacturers and just rebrand them. I prefer the Kirkland. I’ve been using them for about eight years, and I found the consistency to be very good.

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I have found the exact battery CR2450 that Samsung (CentraLite) shipped in the multi sensors.
They are only rated for 550 mA are marked LIXING but the package is sold as UltraLast at Microcenter.
They are very affordable. I bought 4 for the price of one Panasonic.