Where is the best place to get batteries these days? (July 2019)

I got my last batch of Panasonic 2450s at Arrow (from a link on this forum), but they don’t seem to have them anymore. I’m looking to get 25 or 50 more.

I also need to get some more CR2s for my Iris motion sensors.

The first time I ordered batteries, I got some Name Brand ones at Amazon, but they had terrible longevity. I wonder if they could have been counterfeit?

Thanks for any help.


I now get mine from digikey.com

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mouser.com on my side. I previously posted a comparison between panasonic from Amazon and Panasonic from mouser: there is no doubt. mouser.com is way better in term of life time.

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I got my last batch from mouser as well and have been very happy with them. But with the shipping it’s best to order a bunch at a time (which you seem to be doing). Reviews for batteries on Amazon are just way too untrustworthy.