Cheap EU powerplugs with powerconsumption that works with Smart Things?

Hi. I’ve been looking for a cheap EU smart plug with power consumption, that can be controlled and read (power consumption) from SmartThings. Preferably a plug with a small footprint, as i will be plugging several units into a power-strip. An example could be BlitzWolfs Zigbee powerplug BW-SHP13. However all the units (including the BlitzWolf) that i have found, are either expensive or seem to not support SmartThings reading the power consumption from the plug. Anyone here know of a unit that I should be looking at?

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Both Meross and TPLink Kasa have good inexpensive plugs, but I’m not sure if the energy monitoring values can be used as a trigger in the EU versions. :thinking:


Unfortunately I don’t have any of those. For power meter, I have the UK Zigbee SmartThings plugs, and with Energy consumption some rebranded Qubino plug from its white label company.

I can advise for small form factor the Fibaro plugs which supposed to have power meter functionality, but again expensive.

With the same form factor, but with a lot of geeky work, you can look at the Gosund SP111. It is a Wifi plug with Tuya. You can connect it through the Tuya integration, or flash it with Tasmota and use the Tasmota Connect (but need to calibrate then…).

Hi @GSzabados and @JDRoberts… Thanks for your suggestions. I’ve found a very cheap Denver SHP-100 plug with metering, that has support for Tuya. I wonder whether it would be possible to hook this up via Tuya? Could be worth a try, given the low price.

Honestly, no idea. I’ve never heard of that brand. But look at the Gosund SP111, it has smaller form factor and support 3.4kW.

Will do. Seems like a nice unit. Thanks :+1:

Here I have the Neo CoolCam powerplugs (EU pin lay-out) working fine with power consumpton. They are Z-Wave type of powerplug, not the Wi-Fi version!

In the SmartApp “Better Laundry Controller” we get push msg the washing machine or the dryer has finished by setting power tresholds.

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Hi @benerkens

Haven’t seen that one before. It’s not as cheap as some of the other options, but not unbearably expensive. Z-wave is just fine for me. I’ve bought a the Denver to try it out. If that doesn’t work, I think I’ll go for this option. Thanks.

Hi. In case you’re interested, I can report back that the Denver SHP-100 plug with metering does NOT work with SmartThings, in spite of it being Tuya compatible. It’s visible in my Tuya app. But is not available in SmartThings, even though I’ve paired my Smartthings with my Tuya account in the SmartThings app.

I should add, that there seems to be a Tasmota ROM for it - but setting that up, is simply to geeky for me to mess with. I’ve had a look at the instructions - and gave up immediately :wink:

Oh well - next stop Neo CoolCam powerplugs for me. Hope that works out as well as it does for you @benerkens. Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

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A collegue of mine reprograms the Tuya powerplugs (over the air). I have some of them, now they use Tasmota in stead of Tuya firmware.

Via WiFi they are integrated in SmartThings, but they fail the power monitoring also.

How is the powerplug shown in IDE? Is the Device driver (DTH) properly set?

Z-Wave Relay Device Powerplug Wasmachine

Name Z-Wave Relay
Label Powerplug Wasmachine
Type Z-Wave Metering Switch

Here I use “Z-Wave Metering Switch” for the Neo CoolCam powerplugs.

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Look at Tuya Convert:

There is a video guide at the bottom of the page as well.

Thanks. Will take a look at the link. If I can update over the air, it’s worth a try. Opening up the unit and “performing surgery” is a little beyond what I’d like to mess with.

Are there any Tuya / Tasmota powerplugs that report the energy consumption? I have one of those, modified by a collegue, but no reporting power consumption.

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The Gosund SP111 should have power consumption report and with Tasmota you can use it as well, but need to calibrate first and use the right Tasmota profile.

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Tnx, never seen the Gosund SP111, but they are sold for around €20 in The Netherlands by webshops.

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For Tasmota settings look here: