Cheap door sensor £15 (Orvibo mini)

There are people who have them and are using them. Just check the thread I linked to above. You can ask your follow-on questions there. :sunglasses:

I’ve just installed two of the Orvibo Sensors and they work really well. They have a very neat attachment and allow for easy removal to change batteries. There is even spare stickers if the device needs to be moved.

As @JDRoberts has explained above, they are identified in the ST app however are “unknown” initially. So appear as unconfigured. His instructions are exactly what you need to do to point them to the correct device type in the IDE. Once you’ve updated the device type, they function perfectly. Here are some screenshots of the IDE area:

Ignore the fact that mine is already setup but click where I’ve highlighted. Then you need edit the device type:

I selected the highlighted device type and have had no issues with them. Let me know if this helps at all or if you’re looking for anything else about the setup. Was quite straight forward.


Great thanks for that, appreciate screenshots.

Did you also order from banggood to UK? How long did they take, and any fees etc?


I placed my order on the 23rd March and it arrived today. So that’s bang on 2 weeks to arrive.

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Still haven’t received mine yet. Email said dispatched 30th April but nothing yet.

If you install this device handler by @a4refillpad before attempting to add them to ST, it should pick them up properly instead of adding them as a “Thing”:

I’ve made a handler for the Orvibo Motion sensor, but haven’t tested the fingerprinting yet:

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@R2D2 I would say you should have them mid May if all goes well.

I’ve ordered 3 batches so far and each time within 2 weeks. Seems consistent.

Just turned up! Big box for small sensor. Will trial this weekend.

What situations are people using them in? I was going to use for all windows but bought some extra motion which can cover both windows now.

When my contact sensors arrive I’ll be using them on my roller garage doors and using a SmartApp I’m writing to combine multiple devices into a single “garage door” device.

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I’ve found that ST motion sensors no use for monitoring windows as I kept on getting false alarms due to shadows and sunlight movements. Have you guys found the orvibos better in this respect?

Yea - our sensors do not have the ability to adjust sensitivity. The Aeon Multisensor 5 has a manual sensitivity dial (note - version 6 does not) to reduce false positives.

I use contact sensors for notifications on things left open when I don’t want them to be. So I get a notification if rain is expected and the guestroom window is open. Also if the closet where we keep the cleaning supplies is open for more than two minutes.

I have a contact sensor on our front gate. When the gate is open a light in the central room comes on, and then goes off again when the light is closed. That means if the light stays on, the person coming through the gate didn’t close it properly, which is useful information.

Some people with teenagers or cleaners put them on the liquor cabinet or the place where they store their prescription medications and receive a notification only if the door is open when the parent is not home.

I find for myself they are most useful when combined with either a measure of delay or in combination with some other factor like the weather. That is, I don’t generally want to be notified every time the door is opened. But there are situations where I want to be notified if a door or window has been left open for a while.

They are also popular as triggers for closet lights, since they are generally less expensive than motion sensors and it makes sense to turn the lights off again immediately when the door is closed.

Are these sensors water proof? Just thinking now I could fit one on my back gate if so, on inside for security through night set an alarm/put light on/get sms etc. If not is there any that are wonder?

They aren’t especially waterproof, but I live in California and we have moderate temperatures and we’re usually more worried about not enough rain than too much. They’re in a slightly sheltered position, and so far seem to be doing fine.

Some people who live in more challenging environments, particular Florida, do various kinds of waterproofing. If you search the forums for “waterproofing” you should find discussions.

I have been trying to setup the Orvibo sensor which I got yesterday. I tried to setup with both standard Open/Closed Sensor and the code from above. No event is being detected even if I open and close the doors. No entry in live logs or when trying to simulate. When I press the button on the sensor, then I am seeing log events.
In my app, its always showing status as OPEN.
Anything I am doing wrong? This is my first device, pl. suggest.

Sounds very much like you’re not using either device types. As that’s the behaviour of something connected as a thing.

Its working now at last !
I removed the sensor from app. Loaded the device type handler through UI. Re paired the sensor and this time ST automatically detected it and assigned the loaded device type.
Thanks. Next step is to consume event to trigger another device.

Thanks for this tips regarding Orvibo. Have bought several of them now and they work wonderful.

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Could you explain how you add them.Thanks