Changing Samsung/ Smartthings Password what is the risk

Hello, My Samsung TV limits the amount of password characters to 15 so I cannot enter my TV for e.g. Smartthings.

My password is larger as you understand.
I can live with it… It’s a TV. No big deal…

But what is the real risk when I change my password in the… what happens with:

  • Remote Smartthings hubs in another country that I cannot fysically visit. I may go there just after some months and no locals are able to handle Smartthings
    -My smartthings apps old and new. On Android and IOS.
    -My phones/tablets etc. All Samsung
    -Applications like Actiontiles.
    -Philips Hue connections.

If there is any risk that changing my password shuts down my remote hubs I will not change my password.


Password is for the SmartThings App and IDE website and Samsung websites and other Samsung Apps… Only.

The Hub(s) do not use your password.

But I cannot accept responsibility if something breaks.

Contact SmartThings Support.


I changed it and no problems so far.


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