Changing Mimolite relay device type to Lock?

I installed fail secure switches in my doors a few years back, and they’re currently controlled via Mimolite relays. It’s worked great, but I’m forced to say “turn on front door” instead of the more natural “unlock front door”.

Within the IDE, I can see that the type is set to “Z-Wave Switch Generic”. Attempting to simply change this to “Lock” or “Z-Wave Lock” via the dropdown doesn’t work.

Any ideas?

What are you using for the voice control?

I use google assistant and alexa, depending on whether I’m inside or outside of the loft.

Anyone found a solution to this? I have a Mimolite connected to a gate striker and I would like Alexa to recognize it as a lock so I can more naturally say “unlock front door”

I never did find a workaround. I’m betting it’s not possible via Alexa alone - my impression is that they want control over which devices are approved to work with Alexa as locks, for safety/liability reasons.

Maybe via a custom device handler in ST? ST classifies the relay as a Alexa-approved lock, Alexa picks it up and allows control? Sounds like a narrow use case, so not sure you’ll find much in the community for that one.