Changes to SMS Service

I’m a recent (yesterday) Canadian Wink refugee and have just installed my SmartThings Hub. I was quite surprised to see that there’s no email notifications available and that Canadian mobile numbers aren’t supported. I’ve been using for years and have a US number which accepts texts, but it doesn’t seem to work for SmartThings notifications. Was there anything special you needed to do to get your number working?

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The simplest option for anyone (anywhere in the world) is to sign up for Google Voice and get a US number. It’s free, accepts SMS messages and even email it to you. You can check the message from within the Google voice app itself or from your email if you’ve enabled email forwarding.


The problem is that Canadians can’t sign up for Google Voice!

There is a built in driver for Twilio on Hubitat. I’m not sure if you can use it on SmartThings. rules engine supports Twilio.


Almost certain you can only get a US number for Google Voice if you are in the US.

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Almost true… :wink:


Thanks! I’ve had a Google Voice number for donkey’s years and never used it. It works perfectly in SmartThings. I remember that, as a Canadian, I had to jump through a bunch of hoops to set it up, but those details escape me. I just checked and I’ve got a $0.10 credit from 2009, so it has been a while.


Did you register the u s number with smartthings? I don’t remember the process but there was an exchange of texts before st accepted your number

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When I put my US number into SmartThings I didn’t get the initial text notification from 844-647 to register. I tried using the text gateway to send a text directly, but it tells me that 844-647 is an invalid number. I get other texts to that number, so I’m not sure what the issue is. I know that not all sms numbers work the same way, it depends on how the number was registered with the carrier somehow.
In any event, I was able to use my Google Voice number which worked as expected, so all is good.

Found a far easier way, I just used which has a cool feature to send an email to them and have it converted to text… so no coding was needed in Webcore, a simple email, with my username and API code in the subject line and boom!

Literally could not be simpler, try the referral link

Hello Brett,

Your code works great, thank you.

How about if I want to send the same text to two or more numbers? I tried to add each number in the sms_number string definition with a “;” between the numbers. But this did not work. Can you help with the code for this?

Thank you.



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How to forward sms to international number from google voice number? I have verified Google voice number but sms can only be forwarded to either gmail or a US phone number.

Thank you for this solution - cheers

*(astric) I think is the correct separator

Have got it worked with SmartThings webCoRE, Twilio and Pipedream integration for calls. So if SmartThings motion sensor detects motion or window/door sensors opens while security in Armed Mode on SmarthThings Home Monitor, it makes a call with a voice message to mobile via Twilio API.

You can set the Twilio SMS option on Pipedream if you like to receive text instead of call.