Get code entered in Iris Keypad

We have a laundry room for the tenants. They always forget to pick their clothes when the laundry is done.

I currently have a light sensor on the machines and a smart light bulb that change color when the machines are in use.

I want to use Webcore to send them a email when the laundry is done to the specific tenant. I will use a keypad (Iris v2) that he need to enter their apartment number. With that number, I can map with their email address.

I am using Enhanced ZigBee Keypad DH from rboyapps. In Webcore, I cannot get the value entered from the keypad. Any idea what I need to do to reach that? Maybe create a new DH?

Thank you for your help

Since you are using one of the DTHs from @rboy’s library, you should contact their support and they will let you know what can be done.

The enhanced zigbee keypad DTH follows the lock specifications from SmartThings.

It doesn’t pass the actual code used for security reasons but it does pass the slot number of the code. You can corelate the user number to specific tenants which I’m assuming you’re assigning manually through RLA, so you will assign specific tenants to specific slots which can be used in WebCore or CORE. See this post for more details:

I’ve also updated the instructions on the device handler first post with this information.


@RBoy Can use with Enhanced z-wave lock device handler or I must use RLA? Thank you

The device handler only allows you to access/configure the keypads through SmartThings.
To program the users you will need a SmartApp and RLA is the best app for managing rental users and programming the keypad users.
You can layer WebCoRE on top to send your emails etc. RLA itself can also trigger actions for specific users (like controlling switches etc, but it doesn’t do emails at this time).

Hi, I tried to send sms notification with RLA, but is not working. I am testing with a Canadian number. I tried to added the international code + number, but is not working.

SmartThings no longer sends SMS’s outside the US owing to privacy laws.
The most popular solution is to setup a Google Voice number, then you can access the SMS’s from the Google Voice app on your mobile phone. As a bonus Google Voice also emails the SMS’s to you, some folks use that option to keep a history/track of the messages from the app.

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