Changed cell carrier

I changed cell phone carriers, but kept the same number. Since the change I am not getting push notifications. I re-installed the app, and logged in, and it “sees” my stuff, but I can’t find where to re-enter the phone number.

Push notifications are not tied to your number like SMS is. if you are not getting any SMS’s then you really want to contact your cellular provider. Normally when you change cellular providers you also change phones if you change from IOS to android there have been some issues with that, that only Apple can fix. other than that id say to double check your phone settings to ensure the Smartthings app has permissions to receive notifications (IOS and Android, IDK windows phone) and if still no love contact support,

I would suggest also making sure you have contact book set up properly in ST. I stopped getting pushes when the new app came out and that was the reason.

Thank you! I totally glazed over permissions in my iPhone. Back working!

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