Google Home: recognize different voices for voice commands?

Is it possible to set up multi users somehow using IFTTT or google home so that, for example, I can say “Turn light off in John’s bedroom” but John can say “Turn off my light”

Or do we all need to have our bedroom lights named differently and have to say the names each time?


Well… with Alexa, in any room you can say “turn off the lights” and it will (if set up correctly) turn off the lights in that room. Then you can set up a group called “john’s bedroom” that contains those same lights, and tell any echo on your network “turn off john’s bedroom” and all those lights will go off.

Dunno whether google Home does likewise.

Google Home works the same way with turning on/off rooms that you’ve grouped your lights into rooms. The voice match feature of Google Home devices that recognize individuals (that have registered their account on the Google Home app in the household) doesn’t work for controlling Smartthings devices. The voice assistant doesn’t care who tells it to turn a light off, it just knows someone said turn off that light.

I accidentally said “turn off my lights” the other day and it turned off ALL the connected lights in the house. Saying “turn off the lights” or “turn off lights” would probably accomplish the same thing. But I wish I could disallow that command. I do use the “turn off master bedroom” and “turn off family room” commands all the time.

The funny thing is I have a lamp on my nightstand and my wife has one on hers. My lamp is called “manny’s lamp” and my wife’s is called “tracy’s lamp”. When I say “hey google, turn off Manny’s lamp” it responds with “ok, turning off Manny’s lamp”. But when I say “hey google, turn off Tracy’s lamp” it says “ok, turning off the Tracy’s lamp”. I can’t figure out why it says “the” in front of that device’s name. The Google Home app knows my nickname (settings > more settings > personal info > nickname) so maybe if a device has my nickname in the name it skips saying “the” in front of it when referring to it verbally.

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