Change Wi-Fi Network on Samsung SmartThings Camera RC8335PRO aka GP-U999covlbda

Does anyone know of a simple way to change the Wi-Fi Network SSID/Name on these cameras without having to remove it from SmartThings App and reset it??

I’ve looked under 3-Dots Menu (all categories) and can’t find it anywhere.

… adding on with at least a work-around that might help others …

The goal was to simply change from one Wi-Fi Network Name/SSID to another without losing various settings, such as having to add it back into SmartThings Home Monitor/Security Settings/MotionSensors, as well as the Selected Cameras & Settings in the SmartThings Video App.

By way of background… and noted in various other user groups… these babies don’t really like the 5gHz Wi-Fi Networks. I have a bunch of them and only those connected to 5gHz would randomly go off line and required a Hard/Power Boot. The theory/speculation was that 5gHz created too much heat… I’m convinced that’s the cause :slight_smile:

Therefore, I’ve had to change 5gHz Wi-Fi Networks in the past to 2.4gHz. Without a simple “button” in the Device Card to Change Networks, I had always “removed” the device first from the network, then added back in with a QR Scan, then went through all of the various settings to get it back on.

THIS TIME I did NOT “remove” it from SmartThings first:

  1. Pressed “Add Device”, Scan from QR Code, Scanned QR Code
  2. Held the Reset Button on the back for 10-15 seconds, until it “clicked”, and the LED Light turned off
  3. It flashed blue for a bit, then ultimately Amber to indicate it was ready to add
  4. Chose the Wi-Fi Network/SSID I wanted
  5. Named the Camera the same as it’s original name

Success! It ended up back in the same places in Home Monitor and Video with all of the prior settings intact.

Hope this helps others in the future, or myself when I’m looking for the answer again :wink:

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Update: Somewhere along the line, the SmartThings App added a “Wi-Fi” option under YourCamera’sDeviceCard/3Dots/Settings. I’m currently on v1.8.10.21

Just wanted to drop this as a placeholder in case anyone came across the prior post when trying to reset their SmartThings Cameras Wi-Fi Network.

Clicking it presents you with the following:

  1. You can update the Wi-Fi network this device uses in case you’ve changed your Wi-Fi router, network name, or password.
  2. Along with an “Update Wi-Fi Information” button.

Clicking the Update Wi-Fi Information button, takes you through a series of screens, beginning with:
“Press and hold the Reset button for 15 seconds”.

I didn’t go any further from there as I didn’t need to change my Wi-Fi Network at this time.