Change SHM without phone?

I still don’t believe there is no way to change the Smart Home Monitor (Arm, Disarm) without a phone. Now when I get home from work I have to pull out my phone, start the app, wait relatively a long time for the SHM to load, then Disarm, then open my garage door. Used to be with Lowe’s Iris just had to press one button on my fob. I’m using the new ST app.

There are a couple of options that I use.

These do use the phone but do not require opening the smarthings app.

  1. auto disarm based on Life 360 app running in the back ground of my phone.
  2. I have ActionTiles and created an Icon that opens and I just hit disarm it is very quick.

You can also get an IRIS Keypad and have a code that can be mounted in the house. I have it in my car and when I get to the driveway I can just type in the code and it is also disarmed.

JDRoberts mentioned this keyfob that works.

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It depends whether you are using the new app or the classic app.

If you are using the new app, then you are correct, there is no way at all to change the smart home monitor armed state (what is called “security.mode”) Other than opening the app and changing it there or there may be a way to set a time of day.

If you are using the classic app, then any event that smartthings can recognize can be used by a routine to change the security.mode. That includes geopresence, any switch or button device, A keypad, a smart lock, etc.

It appears that removal of this feature was intentional as it has been almost a year now. And the same issue applies to unlocking your door locks. :disappointed_relieved:

This is a really big change from the classic app, but again, it appears to be a change in design philosophy.

If you have the ADT model hub, it has its own key fob which can also be used, but it only works with that specific model hub.


If you’re using the Classic app there are options available like SmartApps which can use Locks, Keypads and other devices to arm/disarm SHM without the phone.

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First of all - welcome to the community!

I wrote a dashboard app that is highly customizable that you can use to disable alarm and do all sorts of other things. Just need to install a physical tablet near your front door to push a button.

More here: