Home, night and away location mode? How do you set these in the new app?

I’m a new user and have a basic system set up with security sensors and a few switches. I’m also using the new app.

The one thing that is driving me crazy is how the heck I can have any control over the location modes like night, home, and away. I’m trying to automate and create scenes, but have no idea how to define any of those modes by time, etc.

Lastly, does anyone know how you can activate the smart home monitor through any scene or automation? I don’t see it as controllable when I try to crest a scene or automation


Ps. If there is a smartthing for dummy page or post that walks me through this kind of basic stuff it would be appreciated.



I’ll let others answer the question about setting the location mode, because the new app is not VoiceOver compatible, so I really haven’t been able to use it at all. But I’m sure someone will be by to help.

As far as SHM and the security mode, read the following thread and you should get a better understanding of what’s going on there. The topic title is a clickable link:

Change SHM without phone?

You can set modes via the custom automation creator.


In the new app, you can change modes with Custom Automations; in the Classic app you can do it using Routines.

  • If you want it to change on a schedule, you can set your If condition as “Based on time of day”.
  • If you want it to change when you come and go, you can set it “based on a member’s location” and then choose when any/all selected members arrive / leave.
  • If you want it to change when a switch turns on/off or a contact opens/closes, you can set it “based on a device status.”
  • If you want it to only change when in a certain mode, you select “based on this location’s mode”.*

You can stack any of the conditions above, including multiple of the same type - so you can say “if the front door opens AND the living room light is on” or “if John or Jane arrives home AND it’s between sunset and 10pm” then change the mode to Home.

*If you select the mode as an If, then you can’t change it as a Then, which seems reasonable but means, for instance, that you can’t restrict your arrival automation from running twice if John arrives first and Jane arrives later. The Classic app allows this, and you may be able to work around it in the new app but I’m not familiar enough to know how.

Routines in the Classic app allow you to set that app’s SHM status, but you don’t have the same option in the new app (and the SHM there is independent of the Classic SHM).

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You can also set modes within a scene.

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Hi @MarkTr ,
Is there a way for a 3rd party smartApp for the new version of SmartThings to read or change the locationMode?

The location mode is the same (shared) between the SmartThings Classic app and the new Samsung SmartThings mobile app… so you can make changes in either app or any third party SmartApp.

Here’s a quick recording I did showing the mode being changed in the new Samsung SmartThings mobile app on the left and you can see the changes instantly reflect in the Mode tile in the SharpTools.io dashboard on the right (and vice-a-versa).

Edit: You may be thinking of Smart Home Monitor (SHM) which is different between the SmartThings Classic app and Samsung SmartThings app. Third party SmartApps have access to the SHM associated with the SmartThings Classic app but not the new STHM associated with the Samsung SmartThings app.

It seems Sharptools uses the older version of smartThings API to access the locationMode which seems to work for new version as well. However, my question was whether it is possible using the newer version of smartThings API which requires registration of Cloud connector app using either Webhook endpoint or AWS lambda .

It seems we only have access to general location information. I just wanted to confirm that new ST plans to restrict change of locationMode via the cloud hosted smartApp.

The following thread about the new API may be more relevant to your needs:


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