Change Parameter 11 on MIMOlite

I just finally moved to Smartthings this last week from my previous solution. All has gone pretty well so far.

I need to be able to make a change to Command Class Parameter 11 in the MIMOlite. This controls how many milliseconds the momentary relay stays closed. Yes I have tried to do some research here on this forum and elsewhere, I see many others are trying to get the input terminals working and changing other Parameters also. I don’t need any of that, just want to be able to adjust Parameter 11.

I see that one can code their own device handler, it is great that this flexibility exists but it is a bit overwhelming at this point.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you

Fortunately, a community member has created the “Z wave tweaker.” This is a device type handler which will expose all the parameters of any zwave device.

You just install the tweaker on your account, temporarily assign the Mimolite to it, set the parameters however you want, and then assign the Mimolite back to its every day DTH. :sunglasses:

Just in case you haven’t used a custom DTH before, here’s the FAQ for that. Basically you’re just going to copy the author’s code, in this case the tweaker DTH, and paste it into your own account.

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Thank you ! That did exactly what I needed it to do. I was able to change the default of .5 second to 2.6 seconds.
Thank you for the quick reply.

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Yeah, the tweaker is awesome. :sunglasses: @zcapr17 deserves a lot of kudos for that one! :clap: