Change mode with google home voice command?

Is it possible to tell google home “ok google, start party mode” and have smartthings switch to “party mode”?

Yes…If you use my app “Google Home Helper” you simply set up a virtual switch, tie it to Google Home and then tie the function of that switch to your mode:


Or you can just use the native google home integration. Create a routine that changes the mode to party. Sync the changes and tell google “turn on (name of routine here)”.

My routines/modes don’t show in GH, only devices and rooms. I just tried it and I got the " sorry I can’t do that yet" bla bla bla response . Did the add new device and modes don’t even show on the list to authorize in GH in IDE.

Hmm, I assumed (and you know what they say about that) the integration with GH was the same as Alexa. The Alexa smart app in the ST mobile app has a toggle to include Routines.

Google Home lags a lot behind Alexa in terms of interacting with ST (and other platforms as well). It’s the reason many of us have both Google Homes and Amazon Echos.

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Good to know! Ignacio, ignore my suggestion.

And don’t get me started on how Google Home deals with groups of devices (a device can only belong to one “group” (room)) versus Alexa (can add a device to any number of groups). So, for instance, I have various lighting and plugs in my dining room (a ceiling fan with lights, two smart outlets for wall lights and a floor fan). With Alexa, I have them in separate groups; Dining Room Lights, Dining Room Wall Lights and Dining Room Fans. That way I can tell Alexa to turn on just an individual group instead of all of them. Google Home doesn’t support that approach.


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With GH & Hue, I set up groups in Hue app which GH imported. As well as the ST rooms. So I have a room in Hue " fan lights" , " Bookcase lights" the same lights are also in.ST room Dining room " So GH actually can recognize individual groups ( set as rooms in Hue ) or the entire room ( set up in ST).
Not perfect, but it works.

You were able to get rooms in ST to appear in GH? I’ve tried, but I didn’t see the rooms show up in the ST authorization list.

The only issue is if one (such as myself) doesn’t have just Hue bulbs. It also doesn’t cover switches and outlets.

Frankly, I love my GH for music and casting, but for smart home control, Google has a long way to go, sadly.

No, GH didn’t automatically import rooms, sorry for the confusion. I just set up the same rooms in GH as in ST.

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Ahhhhh, gotcha. To be honest, I’ve never setup rooms in ST; It suffers the same problem as GH does. I want custom groups (in ST), not rooms, because I want to be able to trigger different lights based upon different criteria. Trend Setter comes the closest to that for me.

Another deficiency I have found in GH is that is sees every switch as a light. Example If I tell Alexa to turn on kitchen lights, just the 4 lights turn on. If I tell GH to turn on Kitchen lights, it turns on the lights, as well as the fan, the Foreman grill , the toaster oven, the waffle iron etc etc etc.

A mistake you only make once LOL Luckily for me it was a turn off command so the only casualty was when I went back into kitchen 5 minutes later my waffles weren’t cooked.

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EXACTLY! I’ve been complaining about this in the Google Home support pages for over a year now.

I just got an notification to update GH app on my Androids. Coincidence ? LOL