Quick Question - App to change mode based on presence

I’ve wiped out my v1 Hub, and upgraded to v2 hub and i’m having a hard time finding some of the apps that i had to remove from my v1 hub. Where is a simple app that will change the mode of the house when someone arrives? It seems super simple, but i can’t find it.

I had to dig up a custom app to automatically lock my door after it was unlocked for X amount of minutes because I didn’t want a open/close sensor to be required for it. Am i just missing a lot of apps, or have they really been reduced down or are the functions all wrapped up in one big app like w/ Smart Lighting?

As far as changing the mode, you should be able to do that with a regular routine. Routines have added a lot of features over the last 15 months or so, in particular new trigger conditions.


For your other question yes, lots of things are now just done with either scenes, routines, the official smart lighting feature, or the official smart home monitor feature. Or the official smart locks feature, although I’ve never looked at that one myself. :sunglasses:

And here’s the official list of which smartapps were deprecated and moved into those “solution modules.”


Thanks @JDRoberts . I couldn’t find where to set that, but it was in routines. I still had stuff setup when they were “Hello Home” actions, or whatever they were called.

I haven’t even used Scenes, I had used the RM and Webcore, but is there a tutorial on scenes somewhere?

Community FAQ:

Official support article:


Thanks @JDRoberts excellent information as always!

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