Hampton Bay ceiling fan device handler question

Room question: I have the ceiling fan and a table lamp and desk lamp, etc. that I have assigned to “Living Room”. When I tell Alexa “Turn on Living Room Lights”, it will turn on all the lights AND the fan. Then I have to tell her “Turn off ceiling fan”. Is there a command that will just turn on all the lights, and not the fan, or would your code have to be modified for that?


You have them assigned to a room via the Alexa app? You can just remove the fan from the room.

If you create a room in Alexa, then it will always turn on or off every switch that you have assigned to the room.

That would include lights, fans, and even certain window shades (which are treated by SmartThings as a dimmer switch).

It has no way to distinguish lights from fans or anything else. They’re all switches as far as Alexa and ST are concerned.

Aah. Simple solution. Thanks so much