CES 2121 (January 11-14, 2021)

Did you guys see the article about smartthings controlling your car through android auto? It’s on sammobile. I tried to click on the link but nothing.

Yeah, there were several interesting SmartThings tidbits from Galaxy Unpacked:

  1. SmartThings compatibility with Android Auto. It looks like it basically adds a simialr as the mobile app to Android Auto along with some smart prompts like showing a Arriving Home scene when you get close to home. Similar to HomeKit, which is nice.


  1. SmartThings adding car as a device. This one is light on details. Seems to be the same as the CES 2020 announcement that is yet to see the light of day
  1. not sure if this one is new, but SmartThings devices can be added to an Android alarm function for waking up in the morning.

  2. Galaxy SmartTags can be used a button in SmartThings

Here’s a direct link to the SmartThings segment of Galaxy Unpacked

And here’s the Galaxy Upcycling as a SmartThings device from the CES keynote

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Now is this samsung working closely with google?? I know I read an article going back about google looking to pay samsung alot of $$$$$ for assistant placement on their phone. I think they wanted google assistant to be the main voice assistant instead of Bixby.


The baby monitor idea is old, really old. Alfred was on the market years ago.

Otherwise my previous Galaxy phones just died after a few years (3) of use. First an S4 before I bought the next S7, then the S7 just a few days after I bought the replacement S10.

Does anyone really believes that Samsung will start to develope apps for Android version 2,3,4,5,6 etc for the old models…

They even not developing SmartThings for some of their own cheap models.

And where is the OBD II Samsung Connect Auto? — Moj.io beat the market…

That one sounds interesting, but I recall that Samsung has its own hardware and software (Galaxy Watch) which hasn’t received an update of the SmartThings app for more than a year, and the new watches are not even supported. Android Auto is not showing Google Home devices and may or may not run Google Assistant Routines. Who can believe then that it would really allow a screen like that.

It is only smoke and mirrors…

Very true…smoke & mirrors. Sucks my galaxy smartwatch doesnt receive any more updates & it’s like samsung completely forgot about it. That’s why this year I’m using my wallet wisely. I’m not sure if I’m investing in samsung products this year. I just have alot of research on other smart home hubs & see how best I can integrate other devices into my home that are not a part of the samsung family.

Only time will tell what is shown during these trade shows actually sticks. A lot of companies pitch things during CES without asking their engineering team if its possible :slight_smile:

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A friend of mine used to tell this joke:

So the marketing guy comes into the afternoon status meaning, super excited, and says “I just sold a $1 million contract for a purple one!“

And one of the engineers says “we don’t have a purple one. We have a red one and a blue one.“

And the marketing guy says, “yeah, I know. But can’t you just sort of mush them together?“




Smoke and mirrors…

Samsung 2020 TVs hasn’t got SmartThings app like the the latest Galaxy Watches.

But some says there is an update for Android Auto in the latest app.

Honestly, the Android 11 comment is still funny as Samsung has released Samsung Galaxy S21 with Android 11. Some might should give some advise how to use SmartThings then…

Otherwise has anybody heard anything about the Alexa/Google Home device selection option? Wasn’t that announced as well on CES 2021 between the “Something is not quite right.” announcements?

You have to get Q series and up to get the SmartThings app on the TV (it’s horribly documented. I confirmed it with Samsung TV support).

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