Centralite Systems Inc Alabama Southern Bankruptcy Court

Now I know why I am unable to get through to them by phone or email, and am unable to puchase a new Centralite V3 Keypad.



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damn. i’m guessing losing the Iris business didn’t do them any favors.


Maybe it was Centralite that killed Iris? Check out this post on the Hubitat forum.


good guess. This makes Smartthings /Samsung approach look robust.

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Interesting. The newest generation of Iris Devices weren’t made by centralite, though.

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Crap. I wonder if their temp/humidity sensors can still be purchased, or the Pearl thermostat.

Amazon still shows the thermostat. In Stock.

Sold by MyDigitalDiscount and Fulfilled by Amazon. Gift-wrap available.

Since the seller is not Centralite this seems like a safe purchase. Anyone have a Centralite V3 keypad for sale?

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Yup, found it. DigitalDiscount has them for $80 on Amazon, but only $60 directly from their website. I just ordered 2.

No, but there have been hints over the years that the V2 hubs and the entire backend are Jilia based. That could certainly have had an impact in Lowe’s decision to shut the platform down, since it would be hard to sell in the absence of support for the backend framework.

It’s probably also why both Samsung and Lowe’s went with a different manufacturer for their latest generation of devices.

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Read the comments to the following article. One of the posters says they are one of the original founders, if so, they have an interesting story to share:


This is, unfortunately, not uncommon in the business world. There’s even a parable on it, something about geese and golden eggs…

Of course nowadays, it’s entirely possible that some other company would invest in order to take over n order to kill that goose, in order to eliminate competition.for their own stuff. But then again, it just might be that they were done in by plain ol’ competition itself. I know I started out with the Iris sensors, but have moved to the low-profile ones (can’t remember the brand) that were such a good deal not too long ago. And certainly, WiFi smart plugs have become ‘it’ out there.

Wow. He seems legit…When you click on his name, it takes you to another tech website. His LinkedIn profile matches. Seems like some intentional sabotage.

I doubt if it was intentional sabotage. More likely something like what happened to Sears. People take over a company who only look at it in terms of the financial statements. They don’t understand why the company was a success in the first place (in this case, engineering), and they don’t know how to keep improving along that path.


So who makes/made iris v2 sensors?