Centralite 3 series smart switch 3130

I purchased this switch on Amazon, it is a zigbee switch, I like that concept that it fits over an existing switch. I did not check before hand, but smartthings is not supporting this switch yet. I have not learned how to write code as of yet. But I was wondering has anyone used this switch and can help me out.?

It should be very similar to the Osram lightify smart switch cover, which is also zigbee. They may even be the same device, I’m not sure. ( Centralite devices are often rebranded by other companies. For example, they make the SmartThings branded plug.)

So you may be able to just use that device type Handler, but in any case, it should give you some ideas.

Thank You I will give it a try and report back.

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FWIW they appear to be pretty much identical. I had my eye on it on centralite’s website for quite a while, waiting for it to actually be available. I ended up getting a similar switch cover by enerwave that’s z-wave and also has a community device type.

The Osram lighty smart switch code did the job, The centalite installed as the Lighty smart switch and works perfectly. Once again many thanks

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