Central Monitoring

Hey Guys,

I am new to SmartThings. How can i monitor devices on multiple homes using one App or GUI? each home has its own hub. Is this an option?



You could do it with actiontiles, but you’d have to pay for a license per location.


Though you can connect multiple Hubs (SmartThings “Locations”) to one SmartThings Account (Login) and switch among them in the SmartThings mobile App; you can’t create inter-local automations, nor view Things from multiple Locations on one page.

ActionTiles offers much flexibility in this regard, as you can mix and match Things from one or many SmartThings Accounts and/or Locations on any number of dashboard Panels.

Thanks, that helps… any other recommendations?

What is the licensing Cost for ActionTiles? is it per account or per device…etc?

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The current License option is $28.99 per “SmartThings Location” (which generally means “per Hub”); with unlimited Things, and concurrent users (sharing Accounts)/tablets/phones/browsers. Subject to the Terms of Service.