Monitoring all hubs and devices in a single app

Fibaro have an app called Installer App for integrators, from within you can monitoring status of all the hubs with all the attached devices. For buildings/flats with apartments, studios, etc -> in order to create monitoring long time subscription for the users.

Do you know a similar solution for SmartThings?

Thank you.

This can be arranged with ActionTiles, which — unlike the SmartThings Apps — can mix and match Things from multiple Locations on one (or many) dashboard (“Panel”).

Explore it for a moment (or up to 14 days free trial) at ; and then connect with me at to discuss your requirements in more detail.



I already use Action Tiles for over 3 locations. :wink:
Is not the same. That Fibaro app shows you the Z-Wave signal/status/health of every device, on how many nodes until the hub, what hub have problems, with what device etc.

BTW: I just wrote you yesterday about the toast notifications ticket…

Thank you.

I believe it’s actually against the terms of service to install SmartThings commercially. So doubt this would ever happen.

SmartThings is not in the same league as Fibaro: There is no API into the Z-Wave mesh, for example, nor into any details of Hub issues, etc…

Otherwise we could extend ActionTiles with that extra information.

But what does Fibaro cost per hub??


Indeed again. Great ideea. for Action Tiles. If you could retrieve also the Active/Inactive/Offline status, of the hubs and devices, in Action Tiles, that will do the most part of the job!

You’ve got my attention!


You misread what I wrote.

SmartThings does not provide developers an API to get this information. ActionTiles is a presentation layer. We are dependent on the Platform to provide the data.