Share limited features of one hub?

I have multiple SmartThings hubs and want to share a limited amount of features with only 1 oh my hubs, example Aeon energy meter and some other sensors.
is there a way of doing this with either Life360 or some other app

There is not. Currently no concept of permissions in the app.

What do mean when you say ‘share’? With another user? If so, take a look at ActionTiles (@tgauchat) as it allows you to create and share a subset of information with other users.


Okay I made a second smartthings account connected the hub with to that and shared it with my main account and the other people i needed to but it still has more then i want some of them to have access too

Yup; that’s the limited granularly / flexibility of the SmartThings App that ActionTiles solves.

With ActionTiles you can create unlimited custom dashboard “Panels” with just the Things you wish to share (and even add PIN protection to select Tiles).

You can then securely share any individual Panel or Panels to specific Buddies and revoke at any time. Or share with the view-only option.

Best way to experience this is to use the 14 day free trial and set up real world example scenarios for your SmartThings household!


I do exactly this with Action tiles!.. Awesome and well worth the money.

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