Ceiling fixtures in Netherlands

Wondering if anyone has any familiarity with ceiling light fixtures in Northern Europe (image below) and options for controlling them. Looking for something like a dimmable inline switch, but can fall-back on individual dimmable bulbs if necessary.

Just moved to the Netherlands from the States, brought all my smart home stuff with me, and crossing my fingers for compatibility.

It looks like it is merely a tidier means of mounting a light to a ceiling. I am in the UK and here in the UK at least we typically use round ‘ceiling roses’. See - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZizlnLfLks

For your case it appears that the following applies.

  1. The Green and yellow cable is an earth wire and should be connected to the earth terminal of your light fitting - presuming it has one
  2. The silver hook in the middle looks like it might be to hang the light fitting from
  3. The plastic object in the bottom left corner looks like it might conceal the connections for the live and neutral wires

Other than the shape it therefore looks like it offers the same connectivity as a UK ceiling rose.

In order to fit an in-line dimmer module it would either have to be located above the fitting shown in your picture or behind the light switch. In my own case I am considering using micro modules to act as smart wired dimmers and I am planning to put them in the ceiling void. Depending on the capability of the module you might need two neutral wires.

In the UK it is a requirement to have a real wired switch somewhere which can cut power to the light. If you use smart bulbs you could use a wireless switch linked to the same bulb/light but in the UK situation you would still need a wired switch which could turn the light off meaning the only way to turn it back on is the same physical wired switch. The best solution for the UK is therefore to use a wired momentary switch linked to the same micro module. I don’t know if the same requirement applies to the Netherlands.

There are various Z-Wave micro modules which support momentary switches and you can get relays and dimmers. Fibaro and Aeotec are two of the leading brands. There are some Zigbee equivalents. Even Insteon micro modules would also be a possibility. All these can be added to Smartthings.

US versions of Z-Wave products or US versions of Inteon products would not be suitable for use in Europe as they use a different frequency, this also applies to the Smartthings Hub itself. Zigbee is a global standard so you might be ok on that front.


Yup, you’re right. I’ve attached lights to this fixture before, and the green is the ground, and there are little hot/neutral proprietary connectors under that plastic cap, although I don’t have a photo of them. (I probably should have mentioned that for clarity.) Since this fixture seems to be very ubiquitous, I was hoping there might be a module on the market that was designed to clip into those ubiquitous connectors.

Either way - I’ll look into Fibaro and Aeotec, thanks! And an extra thanks for cluing me into the continental z-wave differences.

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