Cat flaps?

(Jocie) #1

Are there any smart cat flaps? It would be nice to be able to get notifications of my cats comings & goings, and also control if/when he’s allowed to enter & exit.


(Matt) #2

hook this

up with this

make a rule in rule machine to notify you when contact is made

(Jason) #3

Not compatible that I know of, but you could use the following with the open closed sensor to get some data on when coming and going and control what comes in and out

(John Lord) #4

ben heck (tbhs the ben heck show) built a lockable flap for dogs in one of his youtube episodes. It used a proximity sensor he hacked from a shock collar, but you could easily mod it with various ways to disable the opening by power instead of dog range (cat).

i wouldn’t worry too much about locking a cat door honestly. Prowlers can’t use them, and you don’t want a door your cat is trained to use to work sometimes. They will be likely to just not use it at all is the video i was referring to. start watching at minute 11 to see how he implemented a lock on the door.

(Stuart Buchanan) #5

I wonder how popular a smart cat flap would be? Awesome idea…i have a spare never used rfid cat flap I could try and prototype one with :slight_smile:

(Jocie) #6

Thanks for the information guys, certainly some food for thought. A starting point might be to just add a open/closed sensor on the flap and build up from there.