Voice Commands

(Rob B) #1

Is there anyway short of tasker and a phone to do open ended voice commands with smartthings? It seems if they could make an always listening box/utility that could link to simple commands a la kinect that would be the final missing piece.

(Darryl) #2

You mean like… Ivee? (www.helloivee.com) which will be supporting SmartThings soon? (They told me March…)

(Chuckles) #3

…or Ubi ( theubi.com ) - we’ll hopefully see an announcement about SmartThings integration soon - it makes a brief appearance at the tail end (4:50 mark) of the Engadget video of the SmartThings CES 2014 house here:


(Rob B) #4

Yes like either of these! Ivee seems better but Ubi already sorta can be made to work. Choices…

(Patrick) #5

Another option in the meantime is IFTTT - you can program a text to trigger a SmartThings command. So you can use Siri to text your home, and then trigger a ‘big off’ for example. Not ideal since you can only use it for one command, but works for now. Its also kind of fun cause you can text whatever you want. So you can get fancy in front of friends - “I’m going to bed now, can you power down the house?”

(Dominique) #6

This guy uses Kinect SDK to command his home automation. I am looking to do the same however I am still learning how to set it all up.

(Brock) #7

I never thought to use my Kinect for voice control of SmartThings. I think I may look into this too!