Lutron Caseta announcement

Got an email from ST tonight saying these are now supported. I clicked the link and just takes me to a product page. What does this announcement mean? Does it still require a hub?

Just somebody filling up the newsletter, I think. Most of the news wasn’t very new. The official Lutron/smartthings integration was announced back in March, and I haven’t heard anything is changed. It’s still cloud to cloud and you still need the Lutron smartbridge.

Eh, that’s too bad. The allure of neutral-less dimmers is very appealing but the delay of cloud to cloud is not. Where I need it is a core switch used frequently and needs a fast response time. Thanks for the info though.

Just my two cents, the integration between Lutron Caseta and SmartThings is one of the better ones that I have used. Reactions are instant and status usually shows up in 1 to 2 seconds. I am very happy with it, and I am hard to please when it comes to integration. The Lutron setup is rock solid.

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I’m also stuck without neutrals and decided to try the integration out by getting a Lutron smartbridge, a couple dimmers and switches. I can control my bedroom and kitchen lights and fans now with SmartThings, the cloud delay is usually imperceptible.

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I find that the Lutron switches are so quick that adding the cloud to cloud piece still makes them faster than a Z wave switch in a similar location. As Stephen and Mark said, there’s no noticeable delay at our house. :sunglasses:

Of course if your Internet is flaky and you’re looking for a totally local solution, that’s a different issue.

Maybe I’ll give it a try then. There are only two key spots I don’t have neutrals but they are the ones the family leaves on most.

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Once you install the few switches you need, you won’t want anything else.