Casablanca inteli touch switch w-11

(Ron S) #1

Now that I have your attention? Is this intelligent switch supported by ST? :wink: if not, can somebody suggest a zwave switch alternative supported by ST. Three buttons on this thing…

  1. Turns on light and dims light on the fan.
  2. Turns on fan and adjusts speed.
  3. Power on:off.
    I am sure this was a hit during it’s time among HA lovers.

PS: Please refrain from any jokes at my expense. :smile:


Dude, you forgot to mention the bodacious double switch REVERSE option! Mid century Modern for sure. :smile:

(Ron S) #3

In one year of home ownership, couldn’t figure this one out… It’s in the master bedroom and need to replace this since missus is getting the “shocks”. I mean in literal sense.

The interesting fact is that the dimmer works on led’s. I had four Philips led candelabras on it. It would dim without flickering but wouldn’t turn off completely. I replaced one of them with a higher watt led from another company (same style) and it works without flickering (40 watts dimming requirement… I am sure).

(Bruce) #4

Ron, I found just what you need! It will handle your entire use case plus some…

(Ron S) #5

Very very funny. @bravenel. :slight_smile:

(Tim Slagle) #6

Aeon micro switches?

(Ron S) #7

Thanks Tim, will check if it will work. Only interested in turning on the fan and adust speed on it till the time I slowly replace all the switches in the house one at a time as I learn the ropes. Getting confident now…:wink: I made so many calls to the HVAC guy regarding heating that he decided to teach me everything related to the furnace, zones and thermostats for heat. And I bled the thing too… Now electricity!

(Geko) #8

Dude, I have one of those. Seriously. Must have been a real hit with homebuilders in mid-80’s. In my case, the fan control still works, but the dimmer doesn’t, so I just got rid of the lighting section. I’m itching to dump it, but the fan is really quiet and I don’t want to fix what ain’t broken.

(Ron S) #9

Same here. Want to ditch them but the fan in itself works very well even after 30 yrs I guess and hardly any noise. It’s only the switch. The other two rooms has a variation of the same fan but differnt switch.

Update: I guess these are late sixties or early seventies? The house was built in late sixties. Older than me but these fans function/work better than me.

  1. Lights on the fan turned on by a simple switch and fan speed by a pull string.

  1. Lights on by pressing the circular switch, dimming by rotating it and fan speed by pulling the string. Two strings. One for light and one for fan. Look at this fancy one.