Carrier Infinity / Bryant Evolution compatibility?

Some more FWIW:

nebulous on GitHub has reverse engineered the BryantConnect service:

It completely replaces their service with something you can run locally on your network.

I also see the connection errors. Its not uncommon to see the wifi signal indicator in red on my thermostat at least once a day. I’ve also written a script that periodically fetches data from the myevolutionconnex web portal and stores it as time based data. That script fails to connect quite often. I’m pretty sure Bryant is pretty new to this web services thing and are having scaling issues.

copyninja: I forgot to thank you for making your code available. I never did have a chance to hack on it.

Bump, anyone look to see if the nebulous code can be repurposed?


Have you tried different thermostats on this carrier (I have the same system - but am using the new 19 SEER variable speed compressor. I’m not really impressed with the carrier unit - reminds me of a Honeywell. Will NEST work - or can I use SmartThings in a different way to control the unit?

Its what they called a “communicating thermostat” and is a required part of the control chain - its a closed loop between the compressor (or heatpump), the fan and the controller - they are all in constant contact with each other. You can not use a conventional on/off thermostat i its place.

Add me to the list of people willing to donate for a working app. This is a real gap in my growing home automation setup.

I think the oAuth is ok. I believe the failed logins are attributable to the Carrier/Bryant system. The issue seems to have gotten much better recently.

I’ve been trying to put some of this together. What I have so far is a bit of a hack job, but I have the start of a thermostat device type and starting to parse the modes, etc. I have it so that the child device will show the current temp, set point, etc. It is logging scheduling and logging back in as expected… The next big challenge is figuring out how to set back into the carrier system. If you have any guidance on that, I would appreciate it. Once I know I can set back, I’ll work on getting some more of the xml parsed and share it out…


I too have that 5 Speed Condensing unit. The communicating thermostat is recommended if not required for the unit we both have. If you have any communicating equipment you will loose out big time. This was their first go at a “smart device” kind of thing. I have been around for a long time. Carrier is slow moving with Front End’s like this. I also worked in commercial controls. Very robust large building controls. I was at the LaSalle building downtown Chicago during construction. As advanced as the commercial stuff was the front ends were terrible and took time to evolve into something much more useful. Like the i-Vu.

Carrier is a very very very large corporation with lots of red tape and innovation more in the equipment sector rather than the front ends. Impressed is never really heard when it comes to the WI-Fi stat. BUT, it is LOADS better than the original Infinity/Evolution controls, and it will keep getting better. Please, keep your Carrier/Bryant stat for now… There is an expansion slot for a wireless communications card on the right side of the stat. They just haven’t made one yet. Again, slow moving, but will get there. Push Samsung to work with Carrier, and I will push from this side.

Carrier/Bryant was having issues with the server service they were using. They DID NOT have a redundant system, meaning anytime the server went down to spool EVERY NIGHT, everyone lost connection. They have purchased a redundant capability and this problem is being actively mitigated. There might be some issues as they work out any more kinks, but the majority of the issues have been worked out. My system has been up for about 3 weeks now no real issues.

The connectivity issues were fixed. There is an expansion slot for another wireless standard… They just have not decided what to do with it i guess.

Thanks for the updates. I’m very happy with the furnace and don’t want to suboptimize it with a non-carrier thermostat. I’m just very eager for some kind of integration.

Any suggestions on how we can keep the pressure on?

And thanks kkors for your work.

This is looking awesome! Would love to see it finished!

Really appreciate the great community

Is there any code that provides some functionality at this point?

REALLY looking forward to some code! Thanks

Put me on that list. Love my connex, but it’s not part of my smart home.

How about a $1000 bounty to get this done? Anyone in the US willing to setup a gofundme campaign?

We are in the process of buying a house with this same system. Has anyone been able to get a carrier infinity connected with smartthings?

Not sure if I’m out of line here, but would it be possible to somehow “daisy chain” a smart thermostat (Ecobee in my case) to the Carrier Infinity thermostat ?

The Ecobee would drive the Carrier t-stat and tell it what temperature to run on based on smart decisions the Ecobee makes (+ get all the integration perks coming from the Ecobee) and then let the Carrier t-stat manage the furnace since it’s what it does best.

Of course I have no idea what wiring or Carrier t-stat configuration would make that possible but it does not hurt to ask pros like the ones you find in this type of community


I found this the other day and set it up on a PI and am running it on my A/C system now. It impersonates a SAM module and has an API. I’m going to take a crack at getting it into my smart things when I have some time.

Not exactly automation related, but I have one of these and to be honest it gave us some trouble which we’ve just resolved. Apparently they are very sensitive to duct back pressure and gas flow. Ours was going into various overheat alarms when our two zones went on and off. Keep an eye on the indicator on the front of the furnace - if it starts blinking, call your service folks. It’s taken us about three weeks to get it all sorted - admittedly over the holidays.

Oh yeah, the automation part: Our two zones are controlled by two Nest thermostats wired through the zone controller. The Nests are controlled in SmartThings by @tonesto7 's great DH and smart app - both of which were very helpful in documenting the on/off cycling of the furnace when it was having problems. This works great now that the furnace is set up correctly, and we do get the advantage of the multistage heating even though we’re using Nests instead of the communicating thermostat.

Hi Jlrob81, I’m very interested in seeing this come together with SmartThings. Although I’m not writing any code if I can help by testing or any other way please let me know.

Thanks and good luck!

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