Carrier Infinity / Bryant Evolution compatibility?

Hi, does anyone know if I can connect my Carrier Infinity Touch Wifi thermostat with Smartthings?

I’ve got the same system and have been looking into integration.

Short answer about connecting to SmartThings: Probably.

There isn’t an open API, but there is this: which should give a good starting point.

Some more reading here (note that some people here are using a SAM module which probably isn’t a mehtod you would want to utilize).

I haven’t gone down this route yet as I have the non-wifi version of the infinity thermostat and am waiting to find a good deal on a wifi version. I’m hoping it’ll be a simple swap out.

Thanks - looks like no-one has been able to crack the code yet. If someone could come up with a web proxy that can simply allow us to put the system in away / home mode that would be amazing (and give us similar, but better, functionality as the NEST).

Can you use MyInfinity app to control your thermostat from iPhone?

If you can, you might be able to sniff all the packets from the app. Using fiddler,
It’ll basically expose API’s used within the iPhone app.

That’s how I did to get Lennox iComfort’s API.


Hi Jason,
I saw you accepting donations on another topic where someone mentioned the Bryant Evolution thermostat. Would you be willing to do so working with someone (me) to use Fiddler to capture the packets then you build out the app for SmartThings?

Let me know if you are interested.


I’m also interested and willing to donate for an app that allows control of carrier infinity.

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Anyone ever get the Carrier Infinity or Bryant Evolution linked up to Smartthings?

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It’s in progress. @swerb73 was generous enough to provide me username and password to his system. I’ve been working on it on and off when I have the time. So far, I managed to generate correct OAuth 1.0 signature to log in to Bryant servers. That was the biggest challenge. Next challenge is to parse all the XMLs and mapping it to ST’s device type. It won’t be too long before I can get a working prototype out.

Thanks awesome @copyninja! Thanks for taking this on!!

I just had one of these systems installed. Care to open source your progress? I’d like to help if possible.

Sure, you can find the codes here. This is not a working app, just the base code if anyone wants to pick it up or progress it for me.

Logging in, which is the hardest part is done.

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Did either of you have any success in furthering this? Would be willing to donate for a working app!

I work for the Carrier Distributor out of chicagoland. There is no integration now. There is an expansion port for either a zwave or zigbee card, I forget which exactly. But I am yet to see one of those cards, or even know if they actually exist. It’s most likely carrier/bryant is caught in legal for the expansion card for now. They have LOTS of red tape with products, patent research, legal things.

Then we well have to wait for Samsung and Carrier to link up. That’s EVEN MORE legal garbage to deal with. Carrier may move slow on the tech front, but it’s usually worth it. We just need to push Samsung and Carrier at the retail level, while I use my clout to push Carrier to do the right thing by us end users. I have a top of the line system with a 19 seer 5 stage condenser (a/c unit), and the best furnace Carrier makes. Hey, I’m in the buiz, I don’t screw around. Give it te, not like oir Infinity systems age going anywhere. And trust me, the first second I know that they are doing it, I well be right here spilling the beans, lol.

@Mungs1104, I have looked and haven’t seen anything, but you might be a good one to ask. I have the Infinty Touch non wifi version (got it right when it came out, don’t think they had a wifi then). Is there anything you can buy to make the non wifi, connected? After the 600$ on the thermostat with new system, can’t really justify spending another $700 on wifi one. Thanks.

Hi Jason, how’s it going, any new updates?

I was in the same boat as you.

Purchased a SYSTXCCITC01-A from eBay. They appear on eBay fairly frequently so I just waited until I found a good price. Think it was around ~$200.

Swapped out the non-wifi version, went through the setup process and it’s been working well.

The carrier app is called myinfinity (iOS, not sure if they have android) and it’s decent. There was a week or so of downtime last month but overall it’s been nice and stable.

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I know it’s long overdue, but I was busy with … life & work :slight_smile: Handling twins isn’t that easy.
I hope you haven’t changed the password to your system :wink:

As an owner and techie let me know if there’s anything I can do to help! I am incredibly interested in this since the thermostat is terrible.

While researching this I noticed the thermostat itself has proxy settings; I was thinking about setting up charles proxy locally and trying to proxy through the traffic to see how that operates (I haven’t done this stuff before though, so I’m all new to this). I did see this is how a Homeseer plugin seems to work: – though my goal would not be to control it that way, but rather to determine the API it’s using. No idea if it’s the same as the app.

If anyone here is familiar with OAuth 1.0, I’ll need some help there. I’m not sure if I’ve signed it correctly after receiving the token. Sometimes the log in doesn’t work.

Most of the work that’s left is parsing XMLs and translating it to SmartThings Device Type and XMLs are real pain…

FWIW, I wouldn’t be shocked if it is a problem on their end. Even with the official apps I get errors probably 20% of the time. Their error messages are ambiguous, but based off some of the weird stuff that happens sometimes I’d not be surprised if they are authentication related (sometimes I get a weird popup asking me for a login to their API webserver).

If I do successfully setup the proxy I can check out what is being returned when I get errors from the authentic app and maybe provide information to confirm it’s similar to what you’re seeing, maybe?