Carbon monoxide detector with levels readout- recommendations?

I’m looking for a smart carbon monoxide detector (ideally plug-in) where I can check the real time levels of CO through an app on the phone, even though alert thresholds have not been met. If I’m not mistaken, the Nest ones only show the levels once the alert has been activated, but correct me if I’m wrong. Does such a device exist? Thanks in advance!

never heard of one. I guess you are monitoring a garage or something. You could put a dumb one on a camera.

I prefer about 2% CO . Full consciousness is just too much.

Sounds like you’re looking for a monitor rather than a detector. I seriously doubt such a device exists, and if it did I wouldn’t trust it. The gas monitors I use in underground mines require very frequent calibration, which is something not easily automated.

The CO detectors used in homes and combo smoke detectors don’t typically read any quantitative level, but rather alarm on a qualitative concentration-time function. It’s essentially a chemical reaction that causes a color change that triggers the alarm, so a small concentration of CO over a long period of time will have the same result as a large concentration quickly.

I’m all for some impaired consciousness, but that’s a bit extreme for my tastes. That concentration is fully unconscious after only 2-3 breaths and dead within a couple of minutes.